Foundation Brush


This cosmetic brush was designed for applying
liquid foundation. Thanks to its high quality
synthetic hair, it does not leave any streaks and
allows for an even application to achieve the
perfect look.

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Apply just a little bit of water onto the brush before the application so it does not soak up too much foundation. Gently allow the brush to soak up the foundation from the upper part of your hand and apply the foundation onto a few points on your face. Then gently spread the foundation using circular motions. Start at the forehead and continue towards the hairline and then downwards along the cheeks to the chin line. Finish on your nose, cheeks and chin. Tone out the edges to eliminate any sharp color transitions. Do not forget about the neck.

Recommended care: Wash the brush regularly
in a gentle shampoo as needed and let it air-dry.
Do not submerge the metal or wooden parts into
water unless absolutely necessary.


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